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The Jen: Rose Quartz and Serpentine Bracelet
The Jen: Rose Quartz and Serpentine Bracelet

The Jen: Rose Quartz and Serpentine Bracelet

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I have always had a soft spot for tender green and pink together.  To me, it feels like spring.  Rose Quartz and Serpentine and a perfect match both energetically as well as visually.  Rose Quartz is the stone of infinite love and Serpentine is the stone of freedom that allows you to release anything that is not serving you.

Together they bring you a love-infused trauma releasing bracelet.

  • Material: Rose Quartz, Serpentine
  • Sizing: If you do not see a size that fits, please contact Lasirene Designs directly for custom sizing requests.

About the Stones:

Serpentine  In crystal healing, the Serpentine crystal can harness powerful healing energy that works to create an energetic and protective shield around the body.  Serpentine is a great stone for letting go of what no longer serves you and healing from past trauma.  On an emotional level, even if your dreams have been buried by societal expectations and demands of adulthood, the Serpentine crystal stone’s meaning may serve as a catalyst to free you from the shackles of society and self-imposed limitations. The medicine of the snake is considered magical, especially among ancient healers, who used the Serpentine crystal stone as an antidote for deadly snakebites.

Rose Quartz Tap into the power and infinite love of Rose Quartz. This stone has the power to open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need—whether it’s self-love, familial love, friendship love, love for humanity, or romantic love. As a flush of compassion, happiness, forgiveness, and peace pulses through you, Rose Quartz will assist you and ease your grip on toxic emotions. With this sense of release, your spirit can finally be free of petty negativity.