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Simple Ruby Necklace
Simple Ruby Necklace

Simple Ruby Necklace

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This simple handmade necklace is all about the Ruby stone. This precious stone takes center stage and offers its wearer a beautiful example of Mother Nature at her finest. This Little Darling necklace will bring its wearer joy and delight.  This is a necklace that you will want to wear every day and it will layer beautifully with your other jewelry. The silk cord is finished with a sterling silver spring clasp and is 16", but can be made longer at your request.  Ruby manifests self-confidence and determination. 


    • Necklace length: 16 Inches
    • Materials: Ruby, Sterling Silver
About the Stone:
Revered in many cultures throughout history, Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection, and prosperity. It actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body, and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement.
Did you know that Rubies, Pink, and Blue Sapphires are all the same stone? Corundum.
Natural, gem level Ruby is one of four “precious” gemstones (including Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire) known its rarity, monetary value, and hardness (second only to Diamond). Ruby is red Corundum, and all other color varieties of Corundum are designated as Sapphire. So if it's light red, or pink, it's called Pink Sapphire, and if it's Blue, the Blue Sapphire.