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Citrine and Sandalwood Bracelet
Citrine and Sandalwood Bracelet

Citrine and Sandalwood Bracelet

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Citrine is a stone of prosperity and joy.  Everything about this stone emanates positivity and happiness. Even its name, which is derived from the French word citron, for lemon, carries a sense of sunshine and happiness. Sandalwood is a sacred wood used in Eastern healing for a Millenia. 

  • Material: Citrine, Sandalwood, Sterling Silver
  • Sizing: If you don’t see a size that will fit your wrist, please reach out to us via the contact page.

These bracelets are designed equally for women and men and are uni-sexy.

Each bracelet comes in a thoughtfully gift-wrapped box or silk pouch, perfect for any gift-giving. 

Citrine is the stone for abundance and prosperity. It has bright energy that encourages the creative process and is said to activate the imagination via the second, third, and sixth chakras. It enhances mental clarity and allows for the increased flow of ideas and visualization. Especially when used in meditation, this citrine property is very effective in strengthening mental output and establishing goals.