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Multi-Colored Tourmaline Necklace
Multi-Colored Tourmaline Necklace
Multi-Colored Tourmaline Necklace

Multi-Colored Tourmaline Necklace

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The story of this necklace goes as such... Several years ago I made a necklace that was perhaps my favorite necklace ever. It was made of multicolored Tourmaline. These were big beautiful rondelles that were hand cut in India. Often, I have thought back on the day when I only bought two strands of these stunning stones from this dealer I rarely see. This summer, I have been creating a Tourmaline collection and recently decided to reach out to that dealer to see if she had any left. I was stunned and thrilled when she told me she had a few left. I was able to acquire a few more stands. In fact, I bought her out!

I am so delighted to be able to offer this piece again! It was a favorite of mine then and still is today. These stones are all unique, and no two necklaces are alike. If you love this necklace, do not delay. I have a very limited number.


  • Materials: 10mm hand-cut multicolored Tourmaline rondelles, Sterling Silver clasp
  • Necklace length: 17 inches (can be made shorter or longer upon request)
  • This beautiful necklace comes thoughtfully gift-wrapped and is perfect for a special occasion or just because.

About the Materials:

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. It is one of only a handful of minerals that have the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays.

The word Tourmaline takes its origins from the Singhalese phrase tura mali, meaning "stone mixed with vibrant colors." From magenta to teal-blue, meadow-green to vibrant yellow, and even black, this powerful healing stone is known to change its color in different forms of light. Some say that there are no two Tourmalines with the exact same color, and for this reason, it has been historically revered as a "magic" stone capable of protecting whoever wore it.

Tourmaline gemstone is known to aid in relieving stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system. It is a powerful agent for reducing toxin-related ailments. Furthermore, Tourmaline produces a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the nervous system, as well as the organs and tissues of the body.

(It goes without saying, this statement should not be construed as medical advice).