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Stone Healing Boxes (Large)
Stone Healing Boxes (Large)
Stone Healing Boxes (Large)
Stone Healing Boxes (Large)
Stone Healing Boxes (Large)

Stone Healing Boxes (Large)

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These Large LaSirene Stone Healing Boxes bring the positive energies of Mother Earth through a carefully curated set of crystals and tumbled healing stones. Each set is designed with a specific intention in mind to bring wellbeing and healing into your home.

Begin with an intention and select the healing box that fits your needs. Choose from Protect & Ground, Abundance & Prosperity, Clarity & Focus, and Love & Heal. Start with an intention and gift yourself or a loved one a box full of beautiful, carefully curated healing crystals for the home.

Each crystal set includes both natural and raw specimens, as well as polished stones all from highly respected sources. Each individual crystal is cleansed, cleared, and highly charged before being shipped. Finally, each crystal set comes in a wooden box.

Each 5-inch wooden box, includes information on each crystal and how to use them, a Palo Santo stick, and organic Tibetan rice. Occasionally return your crystals to the rice to balance them and rid them of negative and unwanted energy, or clear them in other ways, including setting them outside during a full moon. Keep your Selenite or Desert Rose away from water.

Every stone is unique and hand-selected, fully cleared, and charged before being sent. 

This is a perfect housewarming gift or gift for yourself in the new year. If you are looking for the medium Stone Healing Boxes please go here.  If you are looking for the Limited Edition Handcrafted boxes made of reclaimed wood in Sebastopol CA, please go here.


The PROTECT & GROUND Box includes:

Black Tourmaline - Powerful Protection

Clear Quartz Crystal Point - Deep Healing

Selenite - Purifying & Cleansing

Smoky Quartz Crystal - Grounding & Neutralizing

Shungite - Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Protection


The LOVE & HEAL Box includes:

Amethyst Crystal - Inner Peace

Celestite Crystal Cluster - Loving Harmony

Clear Quartz Crystal Point - Deep Healing

Raw Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love

Lepidolite tumble stone - Mood Healer



Citrine Crystal - Positive Abundance

Clear Quartz- Deep Healing

Emerald Nugget - Universal Abundance

Green Aventurine - Good Luck Charm 

Pyrite - Prosperity Magnet


The FOCUS & CLARITY Box includes:

Argonite - Discipline & Centering 

Bloodstone - Powerful Purification

Clear Quartz - Deep Healing

Desert Rose - Mental Clarity

Fluorite - Concentration & Discernment

Labradorite - Intuition Builder

Lapis Lazuli - Knowledge & Wisdom 

None of this information is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness, is for educational purposes only, and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.