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Simple Pomegranate Garnet Bar Necklace
Pomegranate Garnet Bar Necklace
Simple Pomegranate Garnet Bar Necklace

Simple Pomegranate Garnet Bar Necklace

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This simple Little Darling bar necklace is made of dainty Pomegranate Garnet hand-faceted cube stones. The way these adorable stones catch the light is sure to stir your soul.

This Simple Pomegranate Garnet Bar Necklace will bring its wearer joy and delight. This is a necklace that you will want to wear every day, and it will layer beautifully with your other jewelry. The silk cord is finished with a 14K Gold-filled clasp, and you can select the length of the silk cord you desire. 


  • Materials: AAA-Grade dainty faceted 4mm Pomegranate Garnet cube, 14K Gold-filled clasp, silk cord
  • Necklace length: variable 15-19" inches
  • This beautiful handmade necklace comes thoughtfully gift-wrapped. 

About the Materials:

Garnet has long been known for its rich connections to creativity and love. The Garnet comes with a thousand stories to its name. The spiritual meaning of Garnet is that it is the embodiment of the energies of fire, passion, creativity, and strength.  Feel your strength and your self be empowered wearing this stone.