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Welcome, my name is Ondine Landa and I am the founder of LASIRENE DESIGNS a handcrafted jewelry line. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been holding giveaways of my jewelry from my private FB page, LASIRENE's INNER CIRCLE. Giving away jewelry to healthcare workers and clients was a way to send out love into a world that needed some joy and beauty. In late June, I felt like I wanted to start talking to other women about their journey. I started having guests and renamed my giveaways, LIVE in the INNER CIRCLE. These are interviews with amazing women entrepreneurs sharing their journey of finding joy and purpose building companies they love.

Today, I am thrilled to welcome, Laura Janney, as this week's guest.  Laura is the creative genius behind The Inspired Garden, one of the fastest-growing local gardening and botanical companies. In this episode we talk about how she went from being an avid gardener to following her passion and building a thriving company around what she loves doing. She's a creative entrepreneur with a deep love of flowers and nature who will inspire you to do more with your own garden.

She lives by her edict that "flowers feed the soul and should bring you joy".  After being a longtime gardener and having one of the loveliest gardens in town, she started The Inspired Garden. It might look easy on the outside, but building a life and a company around your passion is hard work. Laura brings so much joy, creativity, and grit to her work that she's built a remarkable company in a short few years.

How she went from being a marketing professional to a full-time entrepreneur, with a few stops along the way as a teacher and of course a mother of two (teens now), is a story you will not be disappointed to hear. Laura is truly an inspiration! I guarantee you will be inspired by Laura and learn a thing or two about the joys of a green thumb!