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Welcome, my name is Ondine Landa and I am the founder of LASIRENE DESIGNS a handcrafted jewelry line. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been holding giveaways of my jewelry from my private FB page, LASIRENE's INNER CIRCLE. Giving away jewelry to healthcare workers and clients was a way to send out love into a world that needed some joy and beauty. 7 weeks ago, I started having guests and renamed my giveaways, LIVE in the INNER CIRCLE.  These interviews with amazing women entrepreneurs are all about being on the journey of life and finding joy and purpose building companies that resemble our lifestyle and who we are as women.

Today, I am thrilled to welcome, Ellen Atkins as this week's guest. Ellen is a fearless entrepreneur and the founder and creator of The Suburban Monk. Please join us as we unpack her incredible journey from a 30+ year corporate CPA career to becoming the founder of a spiritual lifestyle brand, and creator of the joyous, thumbs-up, adorable monk, Syd. Find more information about Syd by visiting her website,